NYS-Sorber KTP10000

To realize electromagnetic wave absorbing function of the antenna shielding case and other structures or shells, Nystein provides customized solutions. The main raw material of KTP series products is granular resin. It can be injected and molded into composite structure to provide integrated parts with metal components according to customer requirements. We have professional injection molding processing ability and test capability of absorbing properties at different frequency.
Our extended experiences and advanced technology help industrial and consumer telecommunication electronics customers with composite structural materials and components.



·Low density
·High loss
·Broadband applications
·High reliability materials based on PBT / PPS / PC.
·High reliability integrated injection molding
·It has high production speed, high efficiency and cost advantage
·Environmentally friendly, RoHS and reach compliant

Typical Property Data Curve
Appearance - Visual Grey



Base Material - - PBT/PC PBT/Customer PBT/Customer
Dielectric Constant ε '(77GHz) - SJ20512-1995 6.75 7.90 7.90
Dielectric Constant ε "(77GHz) - SJ20512-1995 0.45 1.42 1.23
Free Field Method-s21-2mm (77GHz) dB NYDG-70/90 (Transmission method) -4.69 -7.58 -12.01
Insertion Loss (77GHz) dB/cm Transmission method 87 77 92
Thermal Conductivity W/m·K ISO22007-2 0.56 0.28 0.56
Volume Resistivity Ohm-cm ASTM D257 1010 106 106
Hardness Shore D ASTM D2240 75 75 75
Flame Retardant Property - UL-94 V-0 (5mm) V-0 HB (5mm)
Melting Point - 210 210 (PBT) 210 (PBT)
Physical Properties of Working Temperature ASTM D1329 -50~+160 -50~+160 -50~+160

KTP10003 Free Space Method Curve -S21-2mm (4~40GHz)

KTP10003 Free Space Method Curve-S21-2mm (75~110GHz)

KTP10003 Insertion Loss (dB/cm) (75~110GHz)

KTP10004 Free Space Method Curve -S21-2mm(4~40GHz)

KTP10004 Free Space Method Curve -S21-2mm(75~110GHz)

KTP10004 Insertion Loss (dB/cm) (75~110GHz)

KTP10004H Free Space Method Curve -S21-2mm(75~110GHz)

KTP10004H Insertion Loss (dB/cm) (75~110GHz)